Galaxy Graffiti Mural

We really enjoyed painting this stylish office in West London with a large, detailed, space themed mural.

The director of Inspiration By Light, Ben, just moved into a new studio office and decided his walls needed our magic touch. He got in contact after seeing our massive Back to the Future mural in East London and asked if we could produce a galaxy scene on the large six metre wall. Ben wanted to create a centre piece that was powerful enough to grab his visitors attention, and keep them enthralled with smaller intricate details within the piece. Producing our final design was a lot of fun as we poured over fantastic images of galaxies, nebulas and solar systems picking out which details would translate best into a large wall mural.

We painted hundreds of stars in the background of the piece as well as planets, asteroids and meteorites in the foreground. This was a challenging piece as we wanted to incorporate a lot of detail into every feature. We were super happy with the results, and so was our client! We see empty walls as a blank canvas, let us breathe life into your office or interior with a bespoke wall mural.