InFamous: Second Son is a new release for PS4 that has just shot to the number one spot, with the second biggest debut for a new PlayStation game in the UK.

The team at Sony’s European Headquarters decided to mark the title’s launch in style, by giving our graffiti artists a huge wall on which to paint a mural depicting the game! We were excited to work on this project as it proposed a few obstacles that would be fun to overcome. We were given a sneak peek of the game’s epic artwork that definitely has a street art twist to it (the opening of the game even requires the player to manipulate main character, ‘Rowe’, to paint graffiti!). We laid down a few initial designs and worked with the crew from Playstation to make sure everything was perfect.

The wall is situated in the centre of the building, facing the canteen area and is actually a glass fronted outside area. It was a tight squeeze getting our equipment and ladders through the door, once by the wall we needed to plan out the piece so that the important parts of the wall mural were not obscured by the frames of the glass. We roughly ‘sketched’ everything onto the wall and spent the next two days creating the graffiti masterpiece. The lower half of the wall had a hand painted ‘wave’ that is a constant throughout the building and added the iconic shapes represented on the PlayStation controller. Our expert graffiti artists added a realistic portrait of Rowe and a monotone cityscape, punctuated with clouds of energy emanating from the character. We added the street art style logo of the game and the tag line “Enjoy your Power” which, when you play the game, you’ll understand!

We’re super proud of this one and the guys at Sony have given us some great feedback. Interior murals are one of our most requested services and we love working with our clients to make their ideas a reality. We can transform any space, check out our Murals section for more.