Starwars Markerpen Mural

We’ve been transforming markerpens into lightsabers in a battle against the Dark Side for this specially commissioned Star Wars graffiti mural.


This incredible penthouse apartment has its very own lift that opens onto a private lobby and the proud owner of this beautiful home wanted something a little different to splash the walls with…

…As the Chosen Ones we were asked to skilfully transform the plain white walls of this sky high lobby into an epic Star Wars graffiti masterpiece.

We wanted to be transported to another galaxy by delivering something with lots of energy so we’ve kept the colours simple by using black and white to create something with high contrast. This made the piece look really dramatic and after adding some finishing touches of UV paint to the lightsabers the star wars graffiti mural was complete!


We’ve had fun drawing legendary characters such as Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Darth Vader and are proud to have created something really special for this Star Wars fanatic.

Here at Graffiti Life we love to create exceptional spaces.

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