Banksy Inspired Painting at Earth and Science Centre

Banksy paintings can pop up in the weirdest places, and you would be forgiven for thinking that the famous street artist had taken a trip down to Cornwall when you see this work, but this was in fact painted by Graffiti Life!

We were contacted by GeoScience LTD to bring a blank area within their space to life. The forward thinking geologists wanted to represent the work that they do within the piece but in a fun and quirky way. As we started throwing ideas around with them it became clear that a Banksy style piece would do the job! It was the team at GeoScience that actually came up with the final idea, a nod to the famous Banksy maid that is pulling back a curtain, our scientist is doing the same and discovering some interesting rock formations..

We travelled down to the beautiful town of Falmouth in Cornwall with a suitcase full of paint and got busy early on Saturday morning, keeping the painting top secret from most members of staff, for a Monday morning surprise! We used stencils to create the same effects but painted the rock formation freehand, in a stencil style. The group of rocks was actually taken from a photo of a formation that had been discovered locally – a nice touch for those in the know.

We love working with our clients to design and create murals that bring spaces to life. You can see previous works on our murals page, feel free to drop us a line to discuss ideas. Remember, we can paint any image onto any surface!