Graffiti Workshops

for Schools, Youth Groups and Young People

In a Graffiti Workshop we will;

  • – Give participants a background of graffiti’s history and teach them how to use graffiti respectfully.
  • – Tailor the experience to meet your needs; be it focusing on a particular message or bringing a group together.
  • – Deliver an ‘art lesson’ in a non traditional format helping young people to enjoy the learning experience.
  • – Ensure that each young person has enough one on one tuition, works to the best of their ability and learns new skills; including teamwork and communication.

As the UK’s first choice for graffiti workshops, we have spent years developing our workshop format, shaped by our own experiences and feedback from our clients.

Each graffiti workshop is bespoke; tailored to meet the needs of our clients in a number of ways – from getting a certain group talking and working together; to helping spread a particular message or theme through the artwork produced.

Our number one priority is engagement – we want everybody to take something positive away from their experience, we encourage teamwork and individual practice in equal measure during the session. Our expert street artists give comprehensive guidance to each group and teach practical art skills.

Our Tutors

Graffiti Life offer the most comprehensive workshop programme in the UK, with thousands of successful projects completed nationwide. We are so passionate about the artform because it has shaped the life and creativity of every member of our team. We bring this passion to every session, promoting graffiti as a positive artform.

Our tutors are experienced graffiti artists who really know how to run a workshop. They are some of the most well known and respected street artists in the country, but more importantly, they are competent teachers, with years of experience of working with participants of any age or skill level.

Workshop teachers will pass on skills and techniques to you or your group that will help them to create their own graffiti designs after the workshop. We will listen to the group and work with everyone, from the most boisterous to the quietest, and make sure that everyone is heard whilst having a chance to express themselves.

We provide children, young people and adults, of all skill levels and ability, a safe and supportive environment in which to express themselves, while practising team-work, communication, as well as developing personal skills. We believe that participants should leave feeling proud of their achievements, so at a Graffiti Life workshop, the participants shape the direction of the class themselves, encouraging a sense of pride and ownership of the final results.

The Session




All sessions start by covering health and safety requirements and discussing graffiti as a positive artform including painting responsibly. In most sessions artists will present the history of graffiti, it’s roots and the story of the evolution into the street art scene of today. We touch on graffiti’s place within the modern art world and the importance of artists like Warhol, Harring and Banksy, their impact on the art world and their techniques, answering any questions the group may have.
We also talk about our own story, and show how art really can be a viable career option, even during a recession!


Basic Techniques


We discuss the basic techniques of graffiti, from drawing a straight line to filling in an area with spraypaint. We spend time on these fundamentals to ensure the success of the final artwork. We look at the tools available to graffiti artists and how to create different effects.


Next Steps


Our artists then guide participants, practicing basic skills and introducing more technical elements where appropriate. Tutors work at the speed of the participants, ensuring all have understood tasks set and offering help where required. There will be opportunities for participants to work both individually and collaboratively.


Amazing Results


By the end of the graffiti workshop, participants will have created a finished mural that they can be proud of. Our lesson programme instills a sense of ownership when participants are able to see what they have achieved. Graffiti Life always takes the time to lend further support to any attendees that take the inititve to reach out after the session.