Feature Wall Mural for the Pusher Office

Here at Graffiti Life we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. The most common problem we’re presented with (and the easiest for us to annihilate!) is “……We have a really boring wall..”.

‘Pusher’ is an innovate tech startup in East London that creates real time apps helping businesses communicate and interact with their audiences. It’s pretty clever stuff and recently Pusher’s lead designer, Lauren, got in touch with us presenting a familiar problem. You guessed it; a boring wall. We worked closely with Lauren to come up with the perfect wall art, creating an original design that had the feel of a hand drawn illustration.

The content of the piece features dinosaurs, a futuristic robot, a helicopter and some satellites. This is the kind of design that always offers something new and interesting to look at. The illustrated style was a challenge to recreate onto the wall and our graffiti artists used mixed media to create this striking effect, magnified from our initial draft to a full wall mural. Three graffiti artists spent an entire day on the piece and worked on the intricate details with spraypaint, marker pens and paint brushes.

Pusher were really happy with the work, which has given their already cool space an extra edge. The beauty of having us transform your walls is that the only limitation is your own imagination… Our artists can paint any image onto any surface, so if you have a blank canvas of any sort we’re up for the challenge of creating some exciting, dynamic artwork specifically for you! Drop us a line today to find out more.