Street Art Interior and Live Art for L’Oréal

Last week we helped create some art for a huge event for L’Oréal Paris, launching their new Colorista range of products.

The event was held at the Village Underground in East London and L’Oréal asked that we help transform the interior to be more in keeping with the local area and the street art that Shoreditch is famous for. We built a huge temporary wall inside the venue that was to be our blank canvas for the event. The Colorista range is marketed to encourage creativity and so we employed our own creativity when designing the wall mural pre-event. We were given essential elements, colours and assets from the branding of Colorista and added our own touches. We included a section of the wall that was to be created live on the night and a section where crowd participation was to be encouraged.


Our graffiti artists entered the venue on the day of the event and made an early start, working around sound and lighting technicians as we installed our artwork using spray paint and marker pens. We also added some additional graffiti tags to certain areas of the venue. When the event kicked off we finished the lower half of the mural live and guided guests as they left their own mark in the crowd participation area.

The VIP guest list consisted of influential fashion and beauty bloggers and YouTube stars and there were a number of activities at the event for them to enjoy. As well as live music and hair colouring stations our graffiti artists were set up to customise gifts for visitors such as hats and phone cases. The launch was a fantastic success and both the #colorista and #doityourway hashtags went crazy all over social media. Our graffiti artists had a lot of fun working with hundreds of guests and producing some amazing live artwork.



If you are holding a launch event for a product and are looking for alternative solutions then get in touch. Graffiti and street art are so adaptable that they can be made to work for any brand and demographic. Our project managers will work with you to provide amazing artwork and experiential services for any event.