The team from Parlophone wanted to do something special for their latest release on FFRR Records – ‘Shake That’ by Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt. On hearing the tune they knew that they had a hit on their hands so went ahead with a bold move in today’s digital age and pressed 1000 copies of the track on vinyl.

Rather than printing 1000 copies that looked exactly the same they decided that each one should be unique.. And that’s where we came in!

We were asked to customise each plain white sleeve with a stylistic ‘Shake That’ tag and stencil lettering of the artist’s names. We have worked on many bespoke customisations in the past, but this was a challenge due to the sheer number of products that we had to work on. We turned our studio into a production line and got the pens and paint working overtime as we individually decorated and numbered each record sleeve. We got it down to a fine art as our graffiti artists quickly and cleanly got to work. Each one was the same, but different, with a special aesthetic that only comes from a hand made product. We made 250 of each colour and created 10 special sleeves for DJs like Pete Tong, Holly Williams and the artists themselves. The limited copies are available in record stores now, but be quick!

Customisation can turn something mundane into something special. We can create personalised work or just spruce up an existing design that you have, adding a whole new dimension to product launches and special events. Contact us today to find out more.