Interior Office Graffiti Murals for Mimecast

We were recently invited to meet once again with  Mimecast. We have done some work with them in the past and so everyone was at ease right away. This time they wanted us to look at a whole new floor they were creating as they were expanding, and wanted us to put some really cool and fun artwork onto their six walls. They weren’t entirely sure what they wanted so this was perfect for us. We had creative licence to  come up with some ideas and concepts for them based on the style we had used before.


Over the course of a few days we had some really in-depth conversations with our client about what their vision was. We talked about things they liked and didn’t like, and to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of the murals for them. It is always really important to us to get a real feel for the client, and what they’re trying to achieve. Between us we decided that a superhero theme would work really well, so we invited one of our artists, Tim, (who is an expert in all things cartoon), to have a look at it. We hoped that his style would convey exactly what Mimecast were trying to execute. We could now create a group of superhero characters that suited each of the Mimecast values.


Mimecast asked us to paint six walls for them, variations of the six characters we had designed in different poses, interacting with each other, but also relating to the specific area we were putting them in. For example, the Sales area was very driven with some of the hard working characters, and then you had the relaxation area where we can see some of the other superheroes cooling off and unwinding. It was an excellent way to show the diverse personalities of the characters within their Mimecast world, and gave them characters that they could use going forward.


Mimecast were overjoyed when they saw the final concept, seeing it realised, and being able to actually visualise the final piece just how they had hoped. When we met, it was just an idea, and they were unsure of how to achieve it. They were really pleased to see us take that idea and bring it to life in a way they hadn’t quite imagined. From blank walls to superheroes larger than life, coming to life – while staff can unwind with a coffee, or plan a meeting. It was a great opportunity for us, who doesn’t love a superhero!

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