The Advent Show | 6 More Days Revealed!

There has been some incredible artwork unveiled at The Advent Show this week… Artworks by CryMeIn, Creeps, Birdseed, Adam Brazier, Tors, and BRK are all at the top of our Christmas wishlist!

The Advent Show features original works by 24 artists in this, our celebratory Christmas special. Each artist has created an original piece of artwork and painted a unique door to be displayed alongside their work. Throughout the month of December we are unveiling the works daily to online audiences, though gallery visitors get a sneak preview of the entire show.

Stay tuned for the next revealed artwork by artist What The Deus. His painting comically explores how the addition of Xmas headgear can transform a delectable sausage into a piece of excrement, possibly a reference to the character ‘Hank the Xmas Poo’ from the popular cartoon South Park. It’s definitely worth checking out! You can view What The Deus’s artwork online here from the 18th of December onwards, alongside the many other brilliant pieces from these talented graffiti artists.

All artwork is available to buy online and in-store, why not visit our online shop?

Here are the last 6 days of revealed artworks…