Ted X Croydon | Live Art

Last Saturday our graffiti artists were invited down to the Brit School in Croydon to be part of one of the most prestigious global youth events coinciding with Universal Children’s Day, the universal TEDxYouth Day. TEDxYouthCroydon was just one event of a series of 100 events spread over 42 countries worldwide, with around 17,000 young people taking part.

In the summer of 2011 Croydon faced chaos after riots erupted in the streets, TEDxYouthCroydon sought to divert attention away from this negative episode by shedding light on the inspired and creative youths living in the largest borough in the country and offering them a platform to make their voices heard.

Graffiti Life were asked to create a graffiti wall that attendees could write inspirational thoughts, comments, ideas or quotes on, after hearing what the 11 amazing young speakers had to say about their town. The event was called ‘The Spark’ and we thought it was such a great concept, it only seemed right to draw up a giant light bulb whose clearly had a bright idea!

Creating a graphic character is not an easy job and requires focus and imagination. Our artists spent a day at the Graffiti Life gallery painting the wall using spray paints, and then added the finishing touches at the event using marker pens. All the while people who attended the event scattered their inspired messages all over the background, delivering a piece of art defined by creation and inspiration.

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