Melting Art Installation for Virgin’s Pitch To Rich Final

If you’re walking around Shoreditch today you may notice just a few pieces of street art. In recent years Shoreditch has certainly become a home to the vibrant and colourful culture of street art – with new pieces popping up all across the area every day. Last Friday, Graffiti Life installed their own piece of street art, as an eye catching entrance feature for the final round of Virgin’s event: Pitch To Rich.

For those you don’t know, Pitch to Rich is a competition in which entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their idea to Richard Branson, in the chance of winning over £1,000,000 of prizes which include advertising campaigns, cash investments, mentoring and support from Virgin for their idea. Out of hundreds of ideas submitted, nine ideas have been selected and it’s now down to Rich Branson and three of his business friends to decide who wins.

To mark this occasion the event organisers wanted something eye catching and exciting outside of the event to welcome people in. Initially the boxes that are outside the venue where going to stand alone, however the organisers just didn’t think this was enough! Therefore they turned to our team of in house creatives to come up with something fun and attention-grabbing. After a few ideas where bounced backwards and forwards, they settled on creating an effect that would look as if the boxes where melting into the ground and down the drain.
Once the design had been completed our graffiti artists where then called into action – and had the logistical task of painting the melting effect so it curved perfectly into the drain. After (quite a lot!) of measuring a couple of site visits we had enough information to begin painting.

Once completed, then came the installation. So our team where called in, in the early morning to lay the canvas down onto the pavement. Due to us painting the canvas in our studio, we left the melting curve of paint a little larger so we could cut it down to perfect size once in situ. When the canvas was in flawless position, we begun sticking it to the pavement with super human strength putty – ensuring that it would stay in place and be as flush to the floor as possible. And volia!

If you have an event coming up, and would like us to creatively insert a bit of fun, please get in touch!