Sony Artwork – Indoor Entertainment

Our graffiti artists were invited to celebrate Sony’s recently released Xperia Z smartphone in the Sofitel Hotel London.

The guys at Sony were after an alternative way to entertain their guests at this swanky hotel. They asked us to incorporate images of old TVs, PlayStations and Walkman’s in a piece of live art portraying Sony products through time. We were very excited about this brief and we were given the freedom to interpret it as we wished!

Using fume free spray-paint and the Sony TVC advertising campaign as inspiration, our talented graffiti artists worked tirelessly to create a piece of indoor live art entertainment. Our work took center stage as the guests watched the creation of the art as they mingled with each other at the event.The finished work showcased a vibrant depiction of Sony’s journey through the ages, with a graffiti twist!

It was great working with such an inspiring brief and we had loads of fun painting in this amazing venue.

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