Graffiti Life Presents | Portraits

Portraits. We have them on our coins, in our passports and see them evolve throughout our lives. With the rise in ‘selfie-culture’ it could even be said that portraiture is more common than ever before.

Within a gallery setting, most people will be familiar with oil painted, sculpted or photographed portraits. ‘Graffiti Life Presents Portraits‘ is an exhibition which showcases a selection of works from some very talented graffiti artists in a celebration of traditional aesthetics…  with an urban contemporary twist!

Exhibiting graffiti artists include the likes of Adam Brazier, Benjamin Badbones, Tizer and Rosie Woods with artworks spanning a range of mediums, from a parking-warden inspired mixed media painting on a road sign, to a spray-painted canvas of King Henry VIII.

Adam Brazier

“Specialising in realistic graffiti I like to try and push the boundaries with what is possible with a spray can. I take inspiration from both classical and contemporary works. If you stop and ask; “Is that really painted with a spray can?” I know I’ve done my job.”

Benjamin Badbones

“I started painting in Brighton around 2000. I took a lot of influence from the graffiti artists making work in that area and developed a bright cartoony style. I started painting walls all over London a few years later and mixing more realistic elements into my street art.  Nowadays I like to mix realism, typography, graphic design and random cartoon elements into my work.”


“I started in 1988 after looking at the British Hip Hop scene flourish, I looked at everything around me for inspiration and built my name. I have lucky enough to paint alongside some of the best graffiti and street artists in the world and I am most known for my hand-styles, characters and letters.”

Rosie Woods

“Organic structures, geometric patterns and paint in all its varied and beautiful forms, keep me enticed as an artist daily. Having experimented with paint for as long as I can remember, I am now honing my skills spray paint, enjoying creating works on a huge scale with speed I didn’t know was possible. Though based in London, through my painting I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Berlin, Milan and Norway.”

The Graffiti Life Gallery held a private viewing of this exhibition on the First Thursday of the month and invited guests to check out the amazing artwork on display and ramble about with a delicious cocktail in hand, courtesy of Auchentoshan. It was great to see so many old and new faces make their way down to the gallery!

‘Graffiti Life Presents Portraits’ will be on display at The Graffiti Life Gallery until the 2nd of November. The gallery is open from 12pm – 4pm Monday to Friday, or 11am – 4pm on weekends.