Graffiti Scribing for Skipton

Scribing has been around for generations, with the first records of the profession dating back to Ancient Egypt, when scribes were a person educated in the arts of writing. Today scribing is making a comeback as a new dynamic and truly spectacular way to document your event as it happens.

No matter the size of the event, our graffiti artists are on hand to create a masterpiece that will not only engage and collaborate with your audience but also give you a well-documented mural to take away with you and act as a reminder of the day. This is exactly what we did for Skipton Building Society at their annual company get together.

Skipton wanted to create a large mural to commemorate the day, however wanted to collect the content of the mural directly from the delegates themselves. They wanted to collect the reactions to a film which they were showing, so we decided to situate the wall directly by the cinema’s exit to capture any initial thoughts or opinions they might have. Our graffiti artists also had onsite assistance to help them capture this information quickly and to ensure that nothing was missed.

While the attendees flooded out of the screening our graffiti artists drew illustrative responses to their feedback and continued long after the audience had left, ensuring that the mural represented these reactions fully. This created an informative mural which visually communicated and shared everyone’s opinion which allowed all to see emerging trends, connections and new ideas.

If you have an event which you would like to document in a fun, yet informative way please feel free to get in touch with one of our project managers today.