Interior Graffiti Mural for AML

AML are a creative communications agency based in Clerkenwell, who focus on advertising, digital, design and content for finance, corporate and professional clients. Due to their recent growth AML expanded and moved office, therefore they needed to decorate. What better way than to hire a graffiti artist for a modern and creative office make over!!

To tie in AML’s branding into the decoration of the office our graffiti artists broke down the existing branding into the bear minimum – focusing on AML’s unusual shaped dots. We then renovated the shapes and used them to design a dalmatian with 101 spots!

Our graffiti artists were excited to recreate this technically challenging dalmatian design on a large wall in AML’s reception area. We produced a variety of hand cut stencils which were used to get the exact shape of the spots in the mural. To get the overlapping effect of the Dalmatians spots, our graffiti artist used a mixture of transparent and non-transparent paint. The interlocking layers of paint gave rise to various colours and gave the mural a sense of depth. The guys at AML wanted the finished mural to reflect the vibrancy of their colourful branding so our graffiti artists made sure to use bright colours and kept close to AMLs company colours.

Overall we enjoyed creating these pieces of artwork in this beautiful building. If you’re looking to add a feature wall or theme to your office space then get in touch!