The Graffiti Life Gallery Presents ‘New Works’ by Phill Blake

To kick start the new year, The Graffiti Life Gallery exploded open with excitement in presenting its new February exhibition: ‘New Works’ by Phill Blake, aka PHILTH.

This exhibition was a fantastic occasion to celebrate one of our (and hopefully now your) most favourite artist, PHLITH. On display are some of the most incredible pieces from his new collection featuring aspects of Art Nouveau, religious symbolism and scientific diagrams; using patterns and sacred geometric archetype as a way of exploring the nature of the universe.

As a graffiti artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Philth has one of the most distinctive artist’s styles within the community. His work can be seen on the streets and galleries across the UK and worldwide; having spent time painting in Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Madrid, Berlin & Barcelona.

So, on the First Thursday of the Month, we braved the cold and opened The Graffiti life Gallery’s door for the private viewing, inviting guests to check out the amazing artwork on display and mingle with a beer or two in their hands. It was great to see old and new faces combine to create a wicked vibe in the Gallery.

The crowds were not disappointed by the exhibition with the first piece being sold within the first 2 minutes! The exhibition will be up in full until the 1st March, so there is plenty of time to make your way down to see the show.

‘New Works’ by Phill Blake, aka PHILTH will be available to see by appointment Monday to Friday 12pm – 4pm and 11am-4pm on weekend and is also available to buy online.

To find out more information about our Gallery, take a look here.