Advertising Wall Murals – Phoenix

With solid radio play of their new album ‘Bankrupt’ and a nationwide ad campaign the band ‘Phoenix’ are everywhere at the moment. We helped them up their presence with a huge (and we mean HUGE) wall mural in Shoreditch, East London.

Atlantic records contacted us to chat about what we could do for them that was out of the ordinary. It’s hard to really capture an audience’s imagination with an ad campaign nowadays, posters just become background noise in today’s info overloaded society. However we’ve found that hand painted wall murals never fail to inspire and engage an audience, the public is always captivated when our graffiti artists are painting in the streets and through social media channels our hand painted advertisements take on a life of their own.

The front cover of the Phoenix album, as with previous releases, uses simple, vibrant cover art and this formed the basis for our hand painted wall mural. We used a huge 24 foot ladder to reach the top of the wall where we utilised freehand graffiti to paint the characteristic Phoenix letters. Our next task was to recreate the peach imagery in the four large panels below. Three of our graffiti artists spent a full day working on this advertisement, getting every detail of the artwork just perfect.

Wall murals are a speciality of ours here at Graffiti Life and a refreshing alternative to traditional advertising campaigns. We can confidently paint any image on any surface and help clients realise their concepts on a huge scale. We work closely with our clients at every step of the design process, bringing your ideas to life and maximising the impact of any campaign.

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