In-store Graffiti Customisation for Viktor&Rolf

Viktor & Rolf is a fashion house in Amsterdam, founded in 1993. Their first perfume, called ‘Flowerbomb’, was created in 2006 when they partnered with L’Oreal. Now, ten years on, their first fragrance has been re-released and Graffiti Life was asked to collaborate with the brand to add some bespoke artwork to the product all over the UK!

Bespoke customisation is a popular service of ours for a number of reasons, mainly because our clients like to give their customers something exclusive and unique. There is nothing quite like receiving hand painted, personalised artwork.
We recently set up shop at the Viktor & Rolf counter of five different department stores, in cities across the UK, and customised bottles of fragrance for anyone that purchased Flowerbomb.


GL - Flowerbomb [3]

As expected the live customisation was a huge hit and our artists were kept super busy. We decided that we didn’t want customers to be kept waiting any longer than 10 minutes, so we set ourselves a tight deadline to finish each bottle. We customised hundreds of bottles over the weekend, some customers loved their bottle so much that they returned for a second and sometimes third custom piece! Painting flowers in this short timeframe was challenging, but our artists used a number of techniques to keep things moving along quickly. We used quick-drying enamel paint so that the artwork would remain strong for the life of the bottle.


When Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren spoke about their evolution of the idea of Flowerbomb they described the advertising image of the campaign; “A mysterious, slightly surreal, strong and vibrant woman, who has the power to transform anything into something positive and beautiful. The surreal bouquet of flowers on her head is a metaphor for positive thinking.” Our artists took these values into each piece of artwork that they created and we’re super happy with the result.

If you’re thinking about live art or instore customisation for a product launch or event then get in touch. One of our project managers will guide you through the process and create something unique for you and your audience.