Customised Office Furniture for WWF

The black and white panda logo of WWF (World Wide Fund of Nature) is probably one of the most recognisable charity logos worldwide. With the charity founded in 1961 it has been an organisation that has been working on issues regarding the conservation, research and restoration of the environment for most of our lives. It has a staggering 5 million plus supporters worldwide, works in more than 100 countries and supports around 1,300 conservation and environmental projects. WWF is a foundation; therefore it relies on a lot of its funding from individuals and donations. So when we, Graffiti Life, where offered a chance to get involved in their annual auction we gladly accepted.

The auction itself was hosted by Humanscale, who curate the annual Faces in the Wild auction which benefits WWF. The silent auction always comprised of wildlife-themed artwork for bid, and is hosted in different international locations each year. This makes the event an international affair – with online and phone bids coming in from all over the world. Each year they invite a range of artists and designers to create and generously donated wildlife inspired artwork for this event and Graffiti Life were approached to customise a desk chair and lamp.

To ensure that the items where long lasting and durable, our graffiti artists first had to dismantle the items and prime the surface. The artists then began spray painting the chair in the chosen design – focusing on bamboo and a very cute panda! Again, the lamp was dismantled and primed before painting and the graffiti artists also added some final touches by adding some craft scale models of trees and greenery to create a jungle scene.

By using such a versatile medium our graffiti artists are able to customise nearly any surface with your chosen design. If you have an item you would like personalised please do not hesitate to get in touch!