Graffiti Life Features on Channel 4’s Troy.

Our buddy Troy the magician asked us to help him with a little bit of magic recently for his Channel 4 series ‘Troy’.

We have been involved in some really exciting projects so far this year, some of them have been pretty strange, this one definitely falls within that category! We were going to help the magic man create graffiti on a wall that was to mysteriously change in front of unsuspecting volunteers’ eyes.

It was really interesting being behind the scenes, and seeing the amount of work that goes into creating a trick. We ran through how the magic was going to happen with Troy’s team and created our action plan. Obviously a magician never reveals his secrets and you’ll just have to watch this video to try and work out how it is done! (Series 2 Episode 3!)

The trick takes place in East London and Troy explains his respect for graffiti and how he relates the dedication street artists have to his dedication to street magic. When his victims arrive at the site he gets them to shuffle a deck of cards and pick five cards, he manages to not only read a girls mind and flip a card in the deck but the card also appears magically on the wall. With their minds blown the trickster also reveals that a photo taken on the participant’s phone has revealed the card.

This was really fun to be a part of and went so well that we embarked on another, much more ambitious trick, that will air later in the series.