Digital design and Live Art for Estate Gazette

London has always been a diverse melting pot of cultures and inspiration, therefore it is of no surprise that our graffiti artists are asked to create, design and draw so many London enthused murals and artwork.
Recently we were asked to design a London inspired magazine cover for Estate Gazette’s London Invertors Guide. The cover itself consisted of a five page fold out that was hand drawn before being digitally enhanced. The scene included iconic London buildings, figures and items such as telephone boxes, The Gerkin, Battersea Power Station, Millennium Dome and even Boris Johnson riding a bike!

The design itself took two days to complete, with one of our in house artist using the detailed brief and reference images to create the piece. This hard copy of the drawing then was passed onto our designers to digitally convert and colour the artwork, resulting in an eye catching front cover for Estate Gazette’s magazine.

Overall Estate Gazette were so impressed with our work that they invited us back to recreate the front cover live at the two day networking conference: MIPIM UK.

MIPIM is the Uk’s largest exhibition and conference for property professionals and provides a market place for UK and international players to meet, discuss projects and opportunities and do business. Therefore this was a great opportunity for Graffiti Life to showcase our skills.

The live art took place over two days, featuring two of our best artists. They began with a blank canvas and gradually recreated the artwork featured on the front cover. The exhibition and conference organisers where so impressed with our work that we even made the front cover of their daily magazine!

If you would like our artists to design a unique piece of artwork or create a buzz with some live art please get in touch!