Nike - Graffiti Life


Advertising Mural / Legacy Piece

Weather-proofed stencils

Arsenal Nike graffiti

Nike contacted us to find a method of alternative advertising for their 125 project permanently at the Emirates stadium. The project celebrates 125 years of Arsenal, and Nike wanted to collate fans memories, with the best being chosen for a permanent display at the club.

IMG_2751 Nike graffiti

After an initial meeting with the team from Nike, we allayed their fears and told them that their vision was definitely possible. Using intricate stencils and a special weather proofing technique we adorned 12 concrete blocks out side the stadium with stories and memories from fans and players alike. The area also houses a statue of Thiery Henry and a pictorial history of the club so has become a hotspot for tourists visiting the stadium.

IMG_2688 Nike graffiti

This project showcases one of the many alternative advertising methods that can be utilised in a campaign with Graffiti Life. It was great to have such a high profile client place their trust in our ability to deliver a project, we took care of every stage from design to execution and created a lasting feature that the club and fans can be proud of. The techniques we used guaranteed the longevity of the work with extensive weather proofing as these pieces are a permanent feature outside the stadium.