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London Tattoo Convention

Live Art Performance Painting

Live mural art for auction

There are many different ways to incorporate live graffiti art into your event, at this event we spraypainted 4 large canvases. We find this format works exceptionally well if you have a large ventilated area. Afterwards the artwork created can be auctioned off or given away.

Every year we are invited to wow the crowds at the London Tattoo Convention with a live graffiti art performance. Our expert graffiti artists paint live as the giant crowd watches on.

At the 2012 convention we tried to really challenge ourselves with what we painted. We didn’t have a specific brief as the organisers had given us free reign to paint whatever we wanted. After setting up 4 blank canvases we created our live graffiti art over the three days of the convention. We took the time to meet with the visitors and answer any questions they had about graffiti or our painting techniques.

canvases London Tattoo Convention graffiti
Crowd-Shot-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti

Sabina Kelley was a special guest at the event so we chose to use images of the alternative tattooed model as the subject of our first two paintings. Sabina then used the paintings as a backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot, which caused a stir!

D-Sabina-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti
A-Sabina-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti

Our next two paintings were inspired by different things. A had seen a tattoo artist working on a dinosaur piece, and thought that it would be an interesting challenge to paint a T-Rex skull. Looking on the natural history website he found a reference with a fantastic light source that would be perfect.

Meanwhile, B wanted to paint something from pop culture, choosing the character of ‘Walter White’ from the TV show Breaking Bad. He chose a moody colour palate, placing the character in shadow, with the characteristic green smoke in the background, as seen in the opening sequence to the show.

A-T-Rex-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti
D-Walter-White-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti
D-Painting-Large London Tattoo Convention graffiti
The live painting attracted a lot of attention over the duration of the show and is the perfect solution for event entertainment with a unique edge.
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