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Adidas Originals “Crash and Collide” Campaign

Galleries, paintings, freebies & launch

We were asked to help publicise the recent Crash and Collide campaign and encourage the call for submissions for a competition launched for Adidas by TalentHouse.

The ‘Originals’ branch of the Adidas brand is a little more creative and alternative, turning sportswear into streetwear. The idea behind this competition was to inspire fans of Originals to create artwork inspired by the brand.

The finalists work was to be displayed in two flagship Adidas Originals stores – one in London and one in Liverpool.

Our first task in this campaign was to create a ‘gallery’ within these stores where entrants work could be displayed. We used visuals taken from a short promotional film made by Adidas as the basis for our designs and hand painted wall murals at both locations.

adidas-submissions-2 Adidas Originals  graffiti
liverpool-adidas-store-all-originals Adidas Originals  graffiti
atrak-graffiti-in-adidas-london Adidas Originals  graffiti

We were also asked to get the ball rolling, with three commissioned canvases. We were given free reign over the design and three of our best graffiti artists produced three very different designs, but each one was inspired by Adidas.

A1-Adidas-Canvas Adidas Originals  graffiti
Custom-adidas-graffiti-bags Adidas Originals  graffiti

After the instore artwork was complete we began working on preparations for a launch event that would be hosted simultaneously in the London and Liverpool Originals stores. We customised 100 hessian bags that were given away to any customers that made purchases on the night and planned live art performances and wall murals for both inside the store and out.

We were pretty creative when it came to the Live Art as our graffiti artists painted murals directly onto the front of the two stores main windows. As soon as we started painting a crowd gathered and the events kicked off, with DJs providing the soundtrack.

adam-graffiti-liverpool-adidas-originals Adidas Originals  graffiti
adidas-live-graffiti-london Adidas Originals  graffiti
amie-conradine Adidas Originals  graffiti
adam-live-art-graffiti Adidas Originals  graffiti

Inside the stores our artists worked on canvases throughout the night and interacted with customers. The event was shared across different social media channels using #unitealloriginals to publicise the competition.

This was an exciting project to work on, that utilised some of our key services – wall murals and live art and we’re looking forward to future projects with both Adidas and Talenthouse in the future.

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