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Graffiti Life Best 10 of 2017

Another year is in the books and it’s time for us to reflect back on an amazing year of projects. Our team grew this year as we took on a new apprentice, who has adapted to using a spray can with amazing speed and skill….

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Merry Christmas from Graffiti Life

It’s that time of year and our annual Christmas wall is here! This is the biggest Christmas wall we’ve ever painted, at a huge site in Shoreditch that we normally use for hand painted advertising campaigns. You may have spotted the wall in the news…

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Interior Office Graffiti Murals for Mimecast

We were recently invited to meet once again with  Mimecast. We have done some work with them in the past and so everyone was at ease right away. This time they wanted us to look at a whole new floor they were creating as they were expanding,…

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The Future of Graffiti

I was recently interviewed by Smart Magazine about the use of drones to create urban art. You can read the piece here: Below is the full transcript of my thoughts on the matter, with a little bit of history of both our company and…

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Graffiti Art at Bicester Village Part Two

After a successful project at Bicester Village a little while ago our team were invited back to turn more unloved space into a work of art! If you’re not familiar with the luxury shopping village in the Oxfordshire countryside, it is the shopping destination of…

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