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Live Graffiti Art for Revlon at Colourworld UK

Colourworld UK is an annual hair dressing event, attended by the leading names and brands in the industry. Revlon is a big supporter of the event and stole the show this week. We helped them do it! We love creating live art, it’s one of…

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Nao – Hand painted Graffiti Mural

Nao is a talented young singer from East London. We first met her a few years back when she was part of a group called ‘The Boxettes’. Their experimental sound involved vocals laid over beat boxing and captured us straight away. After The Boxettes went…

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The Jungle Book – Live Graffiti Murals

We’ve worked on loads of projects for Disney and it’s always great fun. The visuals we get to play with are always amazing and we love how open to suggestion they are, it really helps the artistic process. Every brief from the brand is exciting,…

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Colour in Romford – Graffiti Murals

We were recently asked to help with a big project for the arts group ‘Made Public’ and their new venture ‘Colour in Romford’. Made Public partnered with Havering Council and the Greater London Authority (GLA), and selected four prominent sites in Romford that were to…

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Disney’s Zootropolis – Live Graffiti Art

The best thing about being a professional graffiti artist is that each day is different. One day you may be running a workshop with some kids, the next you’re working on a huge graffiti advertising project for a global brand. 2016 has been pretty hectic…

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