Wall Murals


Case Studies


Step 1

The details

If you wish to make an enquiry or require a quote, please provide us with as much information as possible including; Whether you require an Indoor, Outdoor or Advertising wall mural.The dimensions of the wall /space (with a photo of the area if possible). The wall location. An idea of the design you would like painted.

Step 2

The design

You can present us with your own design, alternatively; we also offer a full design service. For inspiration we invite you to have a look at some previous projects which shows a range of graffiti styles and work examples.

Step 3

The logistics

Once we have the details one of our project managers will assist with the logistics of the project and match the right artist to the brief based on your specifications. Most projects are completed in one day, with minimal disruption to site.

We help our clients take a space that is boring or uninspiring and we bring it to life, creating a feature wall that becomes a conversation piece. Blank walls beware!


Graffiti Art can be used to:


  • Convey a message or ethos that is important to you
  • Create a modern look and feel in a huge range of styles
  • Apply artwork where vinyl applications are not possible (or as a more attractive alternative)
  • Provide wayfinding or quirky designs that are a break from the traditional


Graffiti Life interior wall murals can bring colour and energy to a breakout room, inspiration to a meeting room or add character to the walls of your home.

Why Use Graffiti?

Graffiti and Street Art can completely renew the appearance of an existing space. Our art work and artists are extremely versatile and tailor paintings to your specifications to create the desired look and feel. We’ve created bold colorful pieces with a street aesthetic, to much more subtle installations that are far removed from ‘traditional’ graffiti.


Our artwork is often more than just decoration; wall murals can serve many purposes such as wayfinding or delivering a certain message or ethos. Tis service is completely bespoke, meaning that Graffiti Life project managers will listen to your objectives in order to deliver a product that works with your space and meets your design specifications.


We believe that the art of hand painting brings soul and character to a design and works perfectly as an alternative to vinyl wall coverings or stickers. We have worked with many interior designers and building developers to create looks that would be impossible in any other medium!