Warner Music

Our Client:

Warner Music is a major global record company with the main office in London.

The Challenge:

We were set the task of creating artwork for several areas of the Warner Music London office. Three large areas within the building were identified.

Spaces within the building were uninspiring and artwork was requested to give a modern aesthetic that was in keeping with the style of Warner Music as a company.

Our Response:

Each area of the building had a very different feel and so our artwork was designed with this in mind. We worked closely with the team from Warner Music to meet their specifications creating concepts and digital visualisations before painting.

The first wall mural we designed depicted a giant zeppelin crashing through the wall. We would be working at a height so created an access plan and H&S report for our IPAF qualified artists to reach the high surface using a scissor lift. We created a realistic image, using photo references, of a giant zeppelin breaking through the wall. The artwork has become a welcome break from what was a very boring blank wall, creating a featured piece of statement artwork that is central to most working areas within the building.


The second wall was made up of Warner family logos which we ensured were accurately replicated. Company logos were painted on a giant scale and blend seamlessly into the existing decor. The idea with these pieces was to not overpower the space, working with a subtle arrangement of artwork. This area helps reinforce company branding but in an understated way. The handpainted feel was important to the client and portrays a sense of quality and style.



The final wall was in an area away from the main reception where famous celebrity visitors were brought into the building. This back of house area previously had plain white walls, so it was reinvigorated with our signature marker pen artwork. The work fills the space and is highly detailed, giving guests the opportunity to find something new each time they walk through the area. Many of Warner Music’s major recording artists were featured within the artwork. For this space, we planned a loose framework of a design with much of the art to be free-flowing and evolve during creation. We collated a list of important logos and music artist’s names to be included. A timetable for the works was created to ensure minimal disruption to Warner Music operations.