Our Client:

Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Their video game system ‘Xbox’ is among the most popular games systems available, selling many millions of units each year.

The Challenge:

The London Xbox office is a creative hub for hundreds of staff members, however, their surroundings were less than inspiring. We were tasked with bringing some Xbox mainstay characters to life, upon various surfaces around the workspace.


Many staff members had complained that work areas were cold and uninspiring. Employees were encouraged to personalise their desk spaces with toys, posters and other paraphernalia, however, the walls remained grey, blank and boring.

Our Response:

Our project management team worked with a small number of key Xbox employees discussing what was possible. We identified several areas within the building where artwork would be suitable and ascertained what character franchises would work best within each area. Several building support columns in the office were identified as areas for artwork which posed a challenge for our graffiti artists; to create seamless designs that would wrap around these pillars.


To keep disruption to a minimum we created an out of office hours schedule to complete the project, working nights and weekends so disruption to our client was minimal. Designs were submitted for approval and were created within strict guidelines set out by the company.


Our team of four graffiti artists created 11 separate murals of varying sizes across the Xbox office space. Murals featured characters from best-selling Xbox games, the biggest space in the office was dedicated to one of the companies most popular titles – Halo, featuring a famous image of the game’s main character ‘Master Chief’. Images from other well-known games, such as Assassins Creed and Minecraft, were also painted by the team.


Murals on the pillars wrapped fully around seamlessly and key characters were positioned so that they could be clearly viewed from busy areas in the office.


A realistic Lady Gaga portrait was created for the music department.



Natalie Cullen

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on the murals. Very pleased with everything, and General feedback has been excellent. Personally, for me, the Halo 4 & Gaga images are my favourites & they look like photographs. Phenomenal!! The most positive thing is that the office finally looks cool! It was a challenging project due to approvals, so I appreciate the patience shown by the team”