Our Client:

Grolsch is a Dutch based brewery that has been making beer for over 400 years.

The Challenge:

Grolsch wanted to use art in different ways to celebrate their 400th birthday and to promote the brand. Our project managers pitched a number of different ideas, focusing on the theme of 400. Two projects were given the green light by the brand.

Our Response:

Project 1: 400 portraits

Although thousands of people see our murals in the street on a daily basis,  the number that sees the work online is much greater. With this in mind, we decided to use social media to our advantage.

We set up a competition where the public could win a bespoke profile picture created by one of our graffiti artists. 400 winners were selected and we were sent their existing profile images to Twitter or Facebook. Our artists recreated these images in a number of different mediums, including stencils, ink, digital, acrylic and oil paint.

Each picture had a small frame containing the Grolsch logo and helped spread the campaign exponentially as the winners changed their profile picture to the new image.

Many also shared the images on Instagram, further adding to the momentum.


Project 2: 400 bottles

Our challenge for this project was to create a street art installation using many different methods. Our artists spent a few weeks preparing 400 individual Grolsch swing top bottles using pens, spraypaint, wheatpaste, stencils, yarn bombing and even urban gardening. We painted a mural of a giant Grolsch bottle in a prominent East London location and then installed the 400 bottles so that they were hanging on the wall, taking the shape of the giant bottle. The installation was featured by several media outlets and bloggers and formed a focal part of the brand’s 400th birthday.