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Concord Watches

Concord Advertising Campaign and Product Launch

Packaging design, murals, documentary video, custom sculpture, workshop & launch

Concord watches contacted us for help with ideas for the launch of their new watch; the C2 Graffiti Grey. And so we embarked on one of our biggest projects to date..

Step one was the design of the packaging. Concord asked us to represent major cities around the world by including iconic buildings within the packaging. We decided to hand draw a skyline scene, before digitalising the piece. The hand drawn aspect was important to us, to keep a real graffiti aesthetic to the work.

packaging3 Concord Watches graffiti

For step two of the project we were asked to paint 3 walls across Europe, inspired by the Graffiti Grey timepiece. We decided to paint each wall in a very different style and chose artists from our roster in London, Paris and Milan. Each artist took their piece in a completely different direction keeping the colours of the piece the only constant between the works. Our graffiti artists took elements of the city they lived and worked in and reflected this within each painting.

paris1 Concord Watches graffiti

The wall in Paris represented European letter graffiti, with a straight letter ‘anti style’ piece and a Parisian skyline in the background.

milanslide Concord Watches graffiti

Milan’s wall was a playful piece depicting a character using the city’s iconic buildings as condiments at the breakfast table.

London Concord Watches graffiti

London was painted in a realistic style, depicting the C2 watch and a skyline reflected in a pedestrians glasses.

We filmed the painting of each wall and interviewed the artists involved. We edited this into a short documentary to be unveiled at the launch of the C2 Graffiti Grey.

Step 3 of this project was the launch of the watch at an exclusive event hosted in our venue in East London. As an old tube station this building has the perfect ambience to compliment events such as this, we even branded the outside of the building with a huge Concord mural and a London skyline, keeping with the theme and colour palate of the previous murals.

concordvenue Concord Watches graffiti

Guests were ushered into the evening event and given a glass of champagne before the premiere viewing of our documentary on a big screen.

The screen was flanked either side by giant photo canvases of the walls in Paris and Milan and following the documentary the guests were lead out to see the London wall in the flesh as it had been painted on site, on one of the huge walls of the abandoned tube station.

cancan Concord Watches graffiti

We built a huge spray can as a base to display the watch, and after a quick speech from the London graffiti artists the experts from Concord talked guests through the features of the beautiful C2 Graffiti Grey. The night wasn’t done however, as guests were then able to create their own customised graffiti canvases in a workshop taught by two of our expert artists!

IMG_9491 Concord Watches graffiti
IMG_9458 Concord Watches graffiti