A picture is worth 100 words

  • Artists capture the moment immediately, documenting events as they happen
  • Our visual language helps people remember important info in a clear way
  • Teams are brought together, collaboratively thinking and problem-solving
  • Work produced can continue to be useful in many ways after the event

A picture is worth a thousand words!

As an event progresses our team document the highlights and the work evolves. Our goal isn’t to just make a cool piece of art (that’s a happy side-effect) but to facilitate teams interacting, asking questions and solving problems. Our skills as street artists make our scribing service completely unique, our style is cool and quirky as well as being relatable and easy to understand.


It’s proven that humans are much more likely to remember visual information than the written word. Scribing is the perfect method to convey messages, ideas, and stories in a memorable way. After many events, our clients have kept our artwork and hung it on their office walls as a permanent reminder. We can also digitise content for further use in email campaigns, company literature and online.