Live Art

So that’s how they do it?!

Live Events


  1. Live art at events never fails to draw and engage a crowd
  2. Our events, product launches and stunts use ‘creative disruption’ for maximum effect
  3. We can drive a brand message in a nonpatronising way
  4. Tailored artwork captures the essence of a product and makes it relevant to the desired demographic
  5. Artists are in sync with the timing of events, creating work over anything from 20 minutes to several days and anything in between

Incredible artwork created live will engage audiences, carry a message or theme and, above all, entertain those that experience it.


A live art event is a fantastic way to increase brand interaction and exposure. Be it an event that is open to the public or a more exclusive, invite-only, affair, our project management team will guide you through the options and can plan an event that will work for you. We have completed campaigns that have encompassed public interaction both physically and through social media and have incorporated custom artwork giveaways to further spread a message.