Graffiti Team Building

Collaborate, Learn, Have Fun and Be Creative

A Completely Different Kind of Team Building Experence

– No art experience or skill required!

– You will be guided by some of the best tutors on the planet

– Bilingual tutors available

– Release artistic potential. Encourage communication and teamwork

– Learn all about real graffiti art in a safe and supportive environment

– Be amazed at what you and your colleagues can produce!

The Session


First Steps

Our workshops typically begin with a brief talk on the history of graffiti and street art, giving participants a candid look into this often secretive subculture. Our skilled tutors then impart all the fundamental skills your group will need to later create a masterpiece.

With a mix of demonstrations from our tutors and individual practice, your team will progress to meet the new challenges of the instructor whilst getting to grips with the exciting medium of spraypaint.

Within a short space of time, we can teach anyone to produce authentic looking graffiti and they will have great fun at the same time!



Workshops are bespoke and tailored to suit each group’s needs with the second half of the session able to take a number of different paths. Your team by this stage will have learnt the techniques needed to create an impressive piece of graffiti, now it’s time to test their skills. Whether collaboratively or on opposing teams, participants will work to create an awesome piece of artwork that they can be proud of.


The Masterpiece

The final part of the session is the reveal of your team’s amazing artwork. We take a few minutes for teams to talk through their design ideas and strategies and prizes can be given away to the most skilled group members. Take photos, strike a pose… In a short space of time, you’ve become real graffiti artists!
If you have booked one of our ‘Takeaway’ workshops we will, at this point, help participants create their own individual and beautiful work of art that they can take home and treasure forever!



Where do your graffiti workshops take place?

We have several venues to host events, but we can also build temporary walls, enabling us to bring the fun to you if your space is suitable.

How long is a session?

Typically 90mins – 2hours However activities can be tailored to fit within corporate days or conferences as a fun break in the day, or we can provide full day programmes for team days and other events.

How many people can we bring?

Our minimum is 10, we have worked with groups of up to 500. Typically groups will be split into no more than 15 people per artist, to allow maximum one on one time in each group.

What will we be painting?

Your session can be tailored in a number of ways by focusing on a specific message or theme important to your business, alternatively, we can help you create artwork on the day that is completely personal.

Do you offer any extra add-ons?

We offer a number of mementos your team can take home. A full photo and video service is available to remember the day. Many groups opt to take a street art tour to gain insight into other artist’s practices before getting to grips with spraypaint themselves. Please contact us for more details.

Do you provide food?

Yes, we can, contact us for menu options.