Bespoke items decorated by hand

Instore Customisation


  1. Instant attraction for your audience with artwork created live
  2. Artwork can be in sync with a brand whilst being completely personal to the consumer
  3. Consumers readily talk about free gifts and personal touches on blogs and social media
  4. Appeal to any demographic by designing artwork to suit
  5. Our approachable artists interact with visitors and make the experience

Receiving a personalised product fosters brand loyalty; recipients feel special and often share online. The experience helps people feel part of an event and helps the momentum of a campaign.


In today’s social media-driven commercial world, ‘word of mouth’ marketing and reputation is becoming increasingly popular with many companies and brands. According to research; getting your customers to say nice things about you is as effective as traditional advertising, and adding the personal touch with graffiti is the perfect way to do this.


Our artists have customised everything, from makeup products and clothing to motor-cycles and whiskey barrels. Our project managers will advise you on different design options to suit the number of desired applications and organise solutions for any venue and timescale. Artists can work off the cuff when creating names or phrases and will customise quickly and skilfully to the amazement of guests.