Advertising Murals

Brave and new advertising

Hand Painted Billboards and Wall Murals


  1. Hand-painted advertising has impact, the public quickly recognises the skill involved in creating the work
  2. People are drawn to interact with paintings much more than they would with a poster or digital campaign
  3. Sites with high footfall help create huge awareness, 5000 – 10,000 passersby per day numbers?
  4. The internet opens up possibilities of projects reaching a vastly wider audience, with street art campaigns being shared readily and often going viral
  5. Our team can make existing designs ‘wall-ready’, or create a new design to your specifications

Working with Graffiti Life adds value to brands and campaigns by the association of credible, highly skilled artwork created by trusted, professional artisans.


When was the last time you took a photo of a poster or a billboard? It’s something that we rarely do, if ever! Our murals, on the other hand, are photographed continuously, not only that but they are shared online with friends, family and followers, making the potential imprint for one hand painted advertisement absolutely huge.


We know that ‘impressions’ are key when it comes to advertising, but our murals provide clients with not just impressions but lasting ones.

Our painting sites are in busy urban locations with daily foot traffic numbering in the thousands, exposing campaigns to a massive audience. This audience can be greatly magnified with online content production, both still and video, which we can help create and seed through our extensive social channels (built of 100% organic followers!). One big advantage of this service is that the content is naturally shared – as a rule, people generally do not take photos of static posters or billboards, however, if an artwork is being hand-painted by our expert artists, the public is quick to capture and share the results. We know that hand-crafted elicits a human response and this is at the core of what we do.


More and more ad spend is being allocated to the digital space, specifically in social media. Our advertising murals bridge the gap between OOH (Out Of Home) and social media. When we paint murals, people take photos and share them with the world. This is what our clients want, holistic campaigns that influence from every angle. If you’ve decided on a poster and digital campaign then the addition of hand-painted will soon be essential.


We work with some of the world’s largest advertising agencies as well as direct to brand with many clients. We also create campaigns for a host of smaller brands and agencies. We have a dedicated team of project managers specialising in the production of large scale, out of home, hand painted advertisements. Our project management team has over 40 combined years of experience in project management, meaning we take care of all logistics, with meticulous attention to detail.


The process for each mural involves detailed risk assessments, powered access requirements, ladder safety checks, permits and licences. Before a project we run full health and safety audits and make sure that all considerations of artists and public safety are taken into account. We make sure the correct PPE is worn by all on site attendees and work with the council to ascertain what access is most appropriate for site, as well as many other considerations.


More money is being put into experiential marketing and social media marketing. Street art advertising is the perfect way to incorporate both into a campaign. The painting of a mural is an experience, we have noticed photos being shared at every stage of a mural and the public love watching the art take shape. We have even created ‘evolving’ billboards, where murals change every few days. Our team also loves experimenting with other ways to include a digital element in a hand painted piece, with the use of QR codes and Augmented Reality.


Mural advertising is one of the services that we are most passionate about at Graffiti Life. It allows us to foster truly valuable opportunities for artists but also improve the visual landscape of London and the UK.