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Graffiti Team Building

romeslide Graffiti Team Building graffiti

Our graffiti team building workshops are the perfect way to release artistic potential and encourage communication and teamwork. Try your hand at real graffiti art in a safe and supportive environment.

Our enthusiastic and engaging experts will guide your group through basic techniques with a ‘hands on’ approach. Within a matter of hours we can teach anyone to produce authentic looking graffiti and they will have great fun at the same time.

Our Graffiti Team building packages offer workshops that are very different to the usual office outing. Be amazed at what your colleagues can produce!

One to One Tuition is an ideal way to see how we approach our work and learn the techniques involved in spray can art. We can work with anyone; from complete novice to pro. Our team has worked with fine art painters who wanted to add spray paint to their repertoire, young people with a keen interest in graffiti and those who just wanted a safe environment in which to practice and ask questions.

We have an available studio space in London, a space in Manchester and other spots across the UK or we can come to your venue. There are many different options so it is best to Contact us with your ideas.