Advertising Murals

Advertising Murals

Brave and new advertising

Hand Painted Billboards and Wall Murals


  1. Hand-painted advertising has impact, the public quickly recognises the skill involved in creating the work
  2. People are drawn to interact with paintings much more than they would with a poster or digital campaign
  3. Sites with high footfall help create huge awareness, 5000 – 10,000 passersby per day numbers?
  4. The internet opens up possibilities of projects reaching a vastly wider audience, with street art campaigns being shared readily and often going viral
  5. Our team can make existing designs ‘wall-ready’, or create a new design to your specifications

Working with Graffiti Life adds value to brands and campaigns by the association of credible, highly skilled artwork created by trusted, professional artisans.


Our preferred sites are in busy urban locations with daily foot traffic numbering in the thousands, exposing campaigns to a massive audience. This audience can be greatly magnified with online content production, both still and video, which we can help create and seed through our extensive social channels (built of 100% organic followers). One big advantage of this service is that the content is naturally shared – as a rule, people generally do not take photos of static posters or billboards, however, if an artwork is being hand-painted by our expert artists, the public is quick to capture and share the results.


Hand painted advertising is a lost art that we endeavor to resurrect, creating giant public facing, street art billboards, crafted with skill and precision.