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Styled to Rock – Sky Living

Two Interior Wall Murals For ‘Styled To Rock’ TV Show

Bespoke set design & wall murals

Styled to Rock is a fashion TV show, hosted by Rihanna, on the SKY Living channel. Designers pit their skills against one another each week, designing outfits for various celebrities.

When it came time for the ‘Little Mix’ episode set designers wanted something to reflect the vibrant, quirky girl group and that’s where our expert graffiti artists came in. We designed a wall mural with a ‘patchwork’ background and even used fabric that the designers had in the studio as inspiration. Each member of the band has a really different character and we wanted to portray this. We wrote ‘Little Mix’ in the centre of the wall in big colourful graffiti letters with a bold black outline to contrast the bright colours and bring the piece to life.

little-mix-graffiti1 Styled to Rock - Sky Living graffiti
stencil-graffiti Styled to Rock - Sky Living graffiti
little-mix-tv Styled to Rock - Sky Living graffiti

The wall was a big hit and the band loved it, so did the set designers, so much so that the following week they asked us back to paint another graffiti mural. Their plan had been to whitewash the Little Mix piece, but instead they decided to replace it with a mural that would stay on the wall for the rest of the series. The team asked us to paint a stylised Rstyle (Rihanna style), which we did in a traditional font. We painted a geometric background and even threw in a couple of mannequin dummies to the mural. The results were clean and sharp, just what the designers ordered!

r-style-edit Styled to Rock - Sky Living graffiti