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Team Building Workshop

Wall construction & team building workshop

We were invited to Rome to deliver a team building package to 100 delegates at their annual conference.

Our team building packages can be tailored to suit, but we always manage to teach a range of painting skills in a short amount of time. If there is no area to paint that doesn’t stop us as we can even build our own walls! That’s exactly what we did in the courtyard of the Raddison Blue Hotel in Rome. Delegates were not told about the fun activity that was in store for them, as they unpacked their kit that morning and were given all in one body suits and respirator masks, to create some intrigue and discussion. The large group was split into four smaller groups of 25, they were led out to meet us and the fun began. Each group was assigned their own expert tutor who would give them a demonstration on the fundamentals of graffiti. Once participants had these skills down it was time to collaborate in the painting of a huge mural, one per team.

rome-edit Rome Workshop graffiti
DSC02887 Rome Workshop graffiti
DSC02912 Rome Workshop graffiti

There were a lot of creative people who were dying to let off steam and this was the perfect experience to foster and encourage their creative skills. Even those who had complained of having no artistic ability were producing amazing artwork by the end of the session and everyone had a lot of fun getting to grips with the expressive medium of spraypaint. Painting on such a large scale in a relatively short space of time is an energetic and challenging experience. At the end of the session our tutors became judges and marked the work based in a number of categories, making sure that participants had used the techniques they had been taught to the best effect.

DSC02909 Rome Workshop graffiti
DSC02894 Rome Workshop graffiti
romeedit Rome Workshop graffiti
This event was a massive success and a huge break away from the norm for these delegates.
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