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Lee Nelson Show

Speed Painting Performance for Lee Nelson at Reading and Leeds Festivals

Live speed painting performances

We first heard about Lee Nelson when we were invited to design and paint some of the set for his hit BBC 3 comedy show. Since then Lee Nelson (brainchild of comedian Simon Brodkin) has gained massive popularity and the show has gone on a nationwide tour.

At this years Reading and Leeds festivals the team behind the comedy character decided their show was going to be even bigger and better than before; as well as the normal shenanigans there was to be live beatboxing and a frenetic graffiti speed painting performance.

We were asked if we could produce full portraits of Lee Nelson and his sidekick ‘Omelette’ either side of the stage in just 20minutes. This was a real challenge, so we started rehearsing, and fine tuning our speed painting, getting the piece down to 20 minutes. After lots of practice two of our best graffiti artists packed up their tent and spraycans and headed to Reading for the first performance.

graffiti-at-reading-leeds Lee Nelson Show graffiti
lee-nelson-omlette Lee Nelson Show graffiti
lee-nelson-leeds Lee Nelson Show graffiti

Standing by the curtain, about to go onstage in front of 4000 rowdy fans was a nerve racking experience but as soon as our artists started painting the adrenaline subsided and the artwork began to appear at lightening speed. At the end of the set the speed painting had produced two portraits and the artists received a huge ovation from the crowd.

From there our artists headed to Leeds festival and did it all over again, two massive 8 x 8 ft portraits and an exciting speed painting performance in front of a massive crowd.

lee-on-stage Lee Nelson Show graffiti