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Kurt Geiger

In store advertising / Window Display Mural

Visual Merchandising & behind the scenes video

Elite fashion brand Kurt Geiger asked us to provide the visuals to advertise their new ‘Pretty in Punk’ range, decorating the store fronts of their two flagship stores in the process.

Visual Merchandising is something we get asked for on a regular basis and it’s something that we really enjoy so we were excited to work with our client on this project. The team from Kurt Geiger wanted something raw and edgy. The artwork incorporated elements of vandalism, that were a throw back to the old days for some of our graffiti artists! They wanted the advertising to be scratchy and painterly, but to keep some feminine elements, “90% nasty, 10% nice” was part of our brief – this was definitely something we could work with. We brightened up quite a harsh palette with touches of pink and blue and scrawled campaign slogans such as ‘London dolls’, ‘grit and glamour’ and ‘pretty in punk’ in a vandalism, tag style.

covg3 Kurt Geiger graffiti
pip Kurt Geiger graffiti
kg Kurt Geiger graffiti

We worked onto concrete blocks and, as well as the graffiti tags, painted some punk studs and a realistic portrait of a ‘punk princess’. The advertising pieces were installed in Kurt Geiger stores on South Moulton Street and in Covent Garden as the focal point of the front window and elements of where the new range is displayed.

This video documents the process of making the work and was also featured on the Kurt Geiger blog as a quick behind the scenes view of our graffiti artists at work.

pretty Kurt Geiger graffiti