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Advertising Mural and Backdrop Art for Live Event

Wall Mural & live art

The idea was to paint a mural for a party that existing members were invited to, that would simultaneously encourage potential new customers to find out more about Gymbox. The advert worked on two levels, as well as for those who saw the work in the flesh the wall was also featured on social media, extending it’s reach.

back-to Gym Box graffiti
Back-to-the-Future Gym Box graffiti
term Gym Box graffiti
hogan Gym Box graffiti

Our graffiti artists designed a montage of famous icons from the 1980s and painted a giant wall mural at our East London venue, which also hosted the event.

The Gymbox letter piece was inspired by the classic graffiti movie ‘Wildstyle’ and gave the wall a distinctive old school graff flavour. Gymbox are a fun, young company, so we stayed away from corporate branding and just got creative with the piece. The 80s night featured a number of performers, including two of our artists drawing with white onto black on the walls of the venue ala Keith Harring. The mural remained on site for a full month after the event and became somewhat of a landmark in the local area. Photos of the wall ended up on several blogs and photo sharing sites across the web, serving as a viral advertising campaign to further spread the word.

gb Gym Box graffiti
80s Gym Box graffiti