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FA Cup – ITV

Wall Mural for ITV’s FA Cup Final Coverage

Wall mural & promo video

Our famous graffiti artists and their artwork have appeared on television a number of times. From set design and live painting to interviews and home improvement shows, we’re definitely not camera shy..

ITV asked us to help them with a promo video to be played during the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool. They wanted some dynamic urban art that would be interspersed with a story of the clubs rivalry. The producers idea was that when a team wins the FA Cup they ‘own’ that year, he wanted our graffiti artists to paint stylised street versions of the club’s logos flanked either side by the years that each club owned. We also placed a giant FA Cup in the centre of the design.

fa-cup-1 FA Cup - ITV graffiti
fa-cup-3 FA Cup - ITV graffiti
fa-cup-2 FA Cup - ITV graffiti

We chose one of our large walls in South London for the piece as it had the look and feel that the director was looking for. We started painting the wall mural early in the morning so that we didn’t get too many spectators in the shot. Camera men filmed close up shots of the work as well as a timelapse of the whole mural coming together. The work aired twice during the final and also appeared on a special “behind the scenes” feature on the ITV Sport website. You can check out a timelapse painting video of the wall coming together below.

fa-cup-full FA Cup - ITV graffiti