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Set Design / Mural

To work for Disney was a dream come true for our graffiti artists. When they contacted us and told us about a new show; ‘Disney XD Football Academy’ we were super excited to design something spectacular.

The set designers for the show wanted to keep the studio clean and mostly empty to give the expert footballers on the show lots of space for tricks and skills, but to contrast that they wanted some major colour incorporated into a huge wall mural backdrop. The team also had some specific ideas for some characters playing football within the scene. We worked closely with their design team to create something colourful and unique, the perfect backdrop for the show.

disney-studio-edit Disney XD graffiti
Disney-progress Disney XD graffiti
Disney-final Disney XD graffiti

Once we had come up with our design, a traditional graffiti background with energetic football players bursting through the intertwining colours, we were ready to go. Three of our graffiti artists headed to the state of the art studio equipped with a massive amount of spraypaint and painted the huge wall mural in the space of a few hours. The Disney crew filmed our painting and put together a timelapse video of the piece. We painted the piece onto a huge white curved wall, built by the set designers, and placed an intricately painted logo in the centre of the wall.