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Billy Fury Way

Rejuvenating a Disused Community Area
This wall mural project was the culmination of a community regeneration initiative instituted by Hampstead and Highgate Council in association with Graffiti Life and the Metropolitan Police.
Billy Fury Way is an alleyway in West Hampstead that had fallen into disrepair over the years. It was a target for vandalism and fly tipping and had become the subject of several complaints to the local council as residents felt unsafe walking there at night. We were called in as consultants by the police and put forward our proposal. Our vision was that in creating an area that local people would be proud of we could eradicate the vandalism problem and turn an eyesore into a landmark. A tidy up operation began and the land owed by Railtrack was cleared, and proper lighting was installed. Our graffiti artists painted a wall mural leading from the high street, depicting the alleyway’s namesake;1960s pop star Billy Fury.
The mural was unveiled by the Mayor and attended by the Billy Fury fan club members who travelled from all over to see the wall mural. We were glad to be part of this project, showing once again how graffiti can be used in a positive way. Over a year on the mural is still brightening up the area. Our team relish projects of this kind; inspiring people, young and old with vibrant art that can completely transform an area.
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