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Exterior Advertising Mural & Launch Event

Advertising wall mural

This project took place at one of our prominent advertising spaces, on a busy road in East London. The huge wall mural was used in promotional material for Argon Magazine, an exclusive fashion and lifestyle publication, and as a stunt to launch the newest issue.

The editor looked through our gallery of artwork and wanted to replicate our characteristic marker pen work on a large scale, with spraypaint, to reflect the quirky side of the magazine. We juxtaposed this with a realistic portrait in fashion photography style. Across the top of the wall we put a ‘Graffiti Life x Argon’ slogan announcing the collaboration.

wall-mural Argon Magazine graffiti

Two of our graffiti artists worked on this wall mural for a full day, utilising a scaffold tower to reach the top of the two storey building. The artwork was unveiled at the launch party of the 3rd issue of the quarterly magazine, but we left the mural in place for a further 2 weeks to maximise the impact of the piece. People were spotted photographing the piece over the two week period and many of the shots ended up on blogs and social networks which helped spread awareness of the magazine. The team from Argon were great to work with throughout the design process and in helping us create a piece that truly reflected their style.

argon Argon Magazine graffiti
IMG_1004 Argon Magazine graffiti
A mural is a fantastic way to draw attention to your product or to get a message across to a wider audience.
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