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ad:tech Conference

Live art at ad:tech Technology Convention

Wall construction, graffiti mural & live marker art

We offer many solutions for event entertainment, this project displayed our deluxe service where we were really allowed to shine, to the delight of the visitors of the popular technology conference.

The organisers contacted us because they had a huge area of unused space upstairs at Kensington Olympia, they wanted to know if we could provide a large mural and a live art performance to entertain their visitors. They wanted something that had never been seen before, explaining that other conferences could be such a boring affair, and that in order to stand out you need to do something really different. This is where we came in..

cartoon-art ad:tech Conference graffiti
old-man-graffiti ad:tech Conference graffiti
buddy-media ad:tech Conference graffiti

We constructed a massive 50 metre wall and pre-painted a colourful graffiti mural so that as soon as visitors arrived they had some amazing artwork to take in and interact with. Around the painted artwork, in the remaining spaces, five of our expert graffiti artists got to work creating art whilst the crowd watched on. The venue did not allow spraypaint to be used on site so our artists used graffiti pens and paint brushes to create their work.

leaning-tower ad:tech Conference graffiti

The designs were based around themes give to us by Buddy Media who were sponsoring the show. We used our own style to transform images from their advertising campaign and added some fun ideas of our own. We also worked with ideas that were sent through twitter, making the piece truly interactive.

ad-tech ad:tech Conference graffiti
adtech ad:tech Conference graffiti
If you are planning an event and need to create a spectacle, that can also deliver a message to your visitors then check out our Live Art section. We’ll bring your ideas to life!